really old painting above bed

this is a really old painting of mine hanging over the bed of Gordon Taylor, a lovely man who i haven't seen in years, isn't it nice that he still cherishes my work, i'm clapping, thank you, good show
on an arty side note, being ignored, snubbed and unviewed at Etsy has been so much fun that i have opened another Mt. Octopus, this time over at Artfire- a place just like etsy only user friendly- i think- check it out-or not
i need to be ignored on two sites, how's that ?


  1. Very cool and what the heck, that's some crazy impressive bed making if you ask me.

  2. You are no longer ignored. You have been viewed. On both sites. In the same day. Something will be bought. In the near future. I will proudly hang something of yours on my walls... 3000 miles away. :o)


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