my seattle to be moved

these three houses are all going to be destroyed unless someone wants to buy them, to move or float away on a barge- which i don't think will happen- not in time to save these little sweethearts, move them to your dreams kids- the church needs a parking lot.

couldn't we just say, hey, walk to church, or ride your thousand dollar bike to school

or how about-no- you can't stop progress- i say bulldoze it all- bulldoze it now- i want more density, more congestion- i want this little suburb of a city to rise up and tower over the mountains-water and bums- i want property values to soar, so i can raze my house and build
four or five urban lofts- a thirty five foot long concrete and glass monolithic reflective juggernaut stabbed into the face of my block

then i can retire to a nice dull neighbour hood just like these homes once belonged too. i can get old anywhere- houses don't get to retire

umh-humm- this is our beach, where we take our kids and dogs and i paddle out to the distant buoys it's called one piece beach, and let me tell ya, don't feel shy about pulling your shirt off here, you wont see stringkinis, g-strings or a tan on this sand- this beach is reserved for moms and Seattlites who have never seen the sun or gym. this year it's just disgusting with goose turds and green globs of floating shit, and i have to swim

what ? you didn't know i worked for Seattle tourism-
i warn you- don't come to Cascadia any other time of year but May-Sept. you will leave a very unhappy person, and wet and grumpy, you may never even see a tree top let alone- Mt. Rainier.
beautiful isn't it.
i think the locals called it Tahoma. a much more powerful name, one day it will blow and kill us all

this house is catty cornered to Clifford park and man it's beautiful and scabbed together and hasn't been worked on or touched in decades and i love it- so haunted looking in winter, now it just looks like a crappy house, which it really is

somebody just keep adding on to the back of this place until they ran out of space and then they died
it's hard to really know a city without being poor-unemployed or young
you really need to have nothing to do all day but walk and look and see what happens down this or that street-
this is my job

water tower at Volunteer park, or Lincoln park or as jimmy calls it, hot dog town

you can climb to the top of the tower on these massive steel steps and it's all kind of sketchy at the same time, there's nobody ever up there and only two ways out.
i leave art work behind

this park is one of Seattle's finest, with a great art museum, built up in this sinister pale art nouveau style, a really cool sweaty Botanical garden encapsulated in this crazy glass space ship, a kids playground, a wadding pool, a huge open air reservoir, the famous donut sculpture, Alaska, or needle threader, and i guess if your lonely and need some hot dog there's lots of guys sitting in cars waiting for a hug-or cruising the trails in hot pants and halter tops
me, i'm going back to the bulldozers

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  1. Last week when I was in the Seattle area I so hoped that Rainier/Tahoma would blow and I would die and not have to go home. It would have been a great show/way to go.


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