La Push web cam spying

it's always the greatest fun and envy filled moment when you click on to your favorite webcam and see someone you know, klick the image and peer into the lower right, and you'll see Toby's attack truck kinda buried in the bermy blackberries- man i was so jealous when i spotted him- i almost jumped in my van and drove out there
right now he and his lady are probably making camp fire coffee and throwing sticks for Shi-shi and checking it-


you can do the same at the Bethany or Rehobeth web cams, in Delaware, have my mom call, from the board walk and viola ! video phone

i wonder if i can even pull a wet suit on- maybe i should go buy a summer suit- man, 5mm sounds harsh, don't it ?


  1. Hi Neil. I found your blog. I think it's very funny. I have a blog too!


  2. I was in front of James Island with my friend, and called my family to check us out on the James Island Sea Stacks webcam. I WAS there! Woohoo!


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