under arms

yes, this building really is called the Under Arms, and yes it's slowly sinking into the very earth we live upon, one of the last of the old Capital Hill apartment buildings, back, way back before everything was expensive and clean, and trendy, we used to live in shit holes like this and i still do- only mine is a house- i really miss the old Seattle, a poor, dirty, nowhere burg-
this building is going to be destroyed soon, the signs are up for an Urbanloft ghetto

down the street is the littlest building from the 1900's, god, it's so cute, i can still see a skinny horse chewing on some weeds out back, and men smoking cigars, and spitting-

this place is finally for sale- after Swedish built all around it, they held out for years, and i walked passed everyday on the way to work, they always had a light on over a dining room table, very creepy place- bare bulb like in old films- of poor people

also has a huge planning/for sale sign out front, i can hear the bulldozers from here, bye bye, nice old house- and nice old ghosts

i found this look out vista, on my walk, really spectacular, right above the bike tunnel, i can't believe i paddled across the lake right beside this floating bridge, i forget the mileage, but man, i remember counting those damn red floats, the whole way and back, and it rained on me

click on this image to see why i snapped this photo, how long do you have to let the roof go before it just rots off, these people must be really old- or maybe a giant bird just munched it

really new van and car post listed today, check it out, just click above link and fly to my world of vans

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