Pucci sent me these old acrylic paints, which she had found at an auction~

and now i'm painting all these big found boards up, to hang at the painting afield show

first painting i have ever signed on the front, crazy, all found art material, some old brushes,

there's this field around the corner, which one day will become town homes, fenced, overgrown, three side surrounded, i'm going to mow a path around and hang all this art up on the fences

and have a party, sometime next month, a picnic, with soda pop and potato chips, kids and a poached art venue

trying to bring back, expressionism, past neo~expressionism w/cake



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  1. Love it!Love it! I am not used to seeing so much color,and so vibrant,it remind's me of when we first got color TV.My favorite is the scarecrow and the van with surf board.Keep it up. I think y0u have enough paint to last forever..pucci


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