the tree and the dust chapter 10

Chapter 10

After the battle had blown by, and the ground stopped trembling, the velveteen robot stood over the incredibly old man and watched him, undie. . .the thin blade impaled in the chest the head flopped back over the shoulder, laying in the wickets, two hands folded over stomach, golden thick curdled blood drenched
I could leave you here now, and end this story let the world fall back to bugs and sticks give you up to your make believe everything~ this cyclical monotony could pass
As the robot chirped, it’s hands pulled the thin blade from out flesh, pulling slowly, with uncertainty, wiping the blade as withdrawn, the tip falls out with a impudent ejaculation, the robot holds the blade before its own glittering jewel eyes and sheaths it on it’s hip.

I’m going to walk away now Dosh

"Ah, but you can’t my friend, your feet are already my feet" and the robot looks down and is surprised to see it’s very own feet pulling themselves up like socks over incredibly old feet
The velveteen robot drops onto it’s knees onto the old mans knees and lays on top of him as a blanket, a sweater, a quilted lover, and slowly sinks into Dosh, to ride upon his flesh, as uniform, spacesuit, menaced lover

"Follow the girl," the incredibly old man named Dosh says, hidden within a grey wall of suit~ and another velveteen robot steps out of the reeds and runs to catch up with the group running across the ice, under black testicle skies
We can’t follow the girl, the robots speaks, we can’t follow the girl within the suit
"Why ?" The old man screams, struggling to his feet, "why can’t we follow the girl. Why ? "

Because twenty minutes ago. . .

The girl within the suit, watches the blood vomit and tears pearl up, bead and roll off of her black clad lap
All she’d ever wanted to do was be inside a suit, to be immortal, to fly between the blackness of nights pinpricked stars, to breath vacuum, to drink the flesh and eat the fluid, but most importantly all she’d ever been trained to do, was wear this suit and get back home. . .

A home encapsulated in ice, frozen solid to the magma, a system suspended in time, locked away, the sun enveloped, enshrouded, like a jewel so intricately formed and framed in filigree as to be caged, locked away behind a wall of blackness so silver, a dam of light perched infinity behind, plunging eight or twelve planets into a frozen exile, away from life, the blackness so complete, that the stars slice thin scratches across the frozen face like a whisper, vapors vast ease off, as the atmosphere slowly sinks to settle below the hill tops to roll across the ice flow flawed waves, pushed against brittle beaches sanded polish. . .

A home frozen to death and guarded, surrounded by micro worlds of weapon, a halo, hidden beneath the dust of stars. . .

"Which way to the ship," she asks, the robot to her right, then to her left, "we have to hurry, which way, which way ? "

And the suit rumbles an answer into her very own throat, "there is no ship, you saw our ship exploded, enfire, smoldering, you must ask questions, only if the answer is unknown to you, these creatures will grow dull and leave you. . ."

"How do we get off this world then, suit, this is not our home,"
"And I, girl, am no human~ and you, girl, know the only way off of this planet"

"My people ! Won’t let this suit on board, my people won’t believe I am who I say, I am with the dead, to my. . ."

"Family, I know, and you know the only way off the planet then, take their ship from them, we only need to get into orbit, you can give it back, "

"My family wont let us take it, or give it back, they’ll have to defend the ship, I could take off the suit, and board. . ."
"You can not take off a suit, that says, no."
And the baby squirms beneath the folds of uniform and roots. And the girl frowns and adjusts, watches a snowfleck
"Run with me then, robots, how fast can I run suit ? she bites her lips and sprints toward her people

A vast pastoral universe stretching out from eye holes forever in every direction an endless black sea, waveless, calm and serene, mindless, morose flat without form the color of nothing, the form of often~
Looking at it makes my face hurt and ages one about the eye, weakens the bone, dulls the teeth sticks pin holes in the flesh, burned traces of tears of acid
The vastness of black eel grasses, under foot~ you could walk forever, die and be reborn to walk forever and repeat~ forever and never ever arrive anywhere because it is all nothing full of nothing but black swirling matter invisible to living beings, punctuated by small flecks of startling white stars, nameless, lost forgotten, a drift above the heads of dreamers.

They made the ships fly away,
There are no fleets, nobody could ever afford a fleet~ to what end would a fleet serve, there is no one to fight, this is not the sea of old histories hysterical overpopulated city states and aggressive children of god, this is a grown up space, with nothing but vastness
There is no where to go, but to go, we live between the stars, off worlders, the drifting elite, within the sphere and forested home we ourselves have formed, woven from our technologies womb,
If there is a planet, it is either dead or lifeless, or full of already evolved monsters
Humanity is hunted, haunted and hated

We have become monsters
We have always been monsters

Somebody else beat us to the name human, took away our rights, captured our homeland, ran across the stars, and told us to die, we trespass, on the very ground we emerged from, so we changed, we simply became !
this girl within this suit
which carries the stink of old
ah, Dosh, how did you get so old ? she whispers, a hushed sigh of exhaust, a gaseous mix recycled back to her chewed upon lips, moving around the name
Dosh. . .

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