Art Afield

this is my field, which will become what surrounds it and us~ plastic and composite townhomes

double lot, three big fences to hang art, and lots of grass to spread out some blankets and eat fruit salad

art show coming next month

a heavy fog rolled in last Sunday

the Georgian and Armenian national townhomes, are for sale

cheap front doors and all

Everyone was over in Ballard for this great art show~ Lazy Sunday benefit art show by Jake and Sean~ for youth in focus
baby Forest either loves this piece or is mentally damage by it, he stands in front staring, unmoving

they beat me to art in fields, free range art, garden art, damn these kids

i can't comment, i'll get in trouble~ the weather was wonderful, the crowd was diverse the event was well attended, it was great thanks for inviting me at the last minute~

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  1. last minute things are kinda like my thing man. thanks for coming, glad you liked it.


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