handmade weapons and Party knife

back when i had the greatest job in the world i created handmade weapons to use on my co-workers

this little baby was modeled after the tomahawk- or two-headed ax

i named it the face scraper

i was going to have a show of weapons- made in the prison of work, to be used against the animals i had work with me, but something about my personality and these creations frightened the kids and my wife- so i retired my collection

this is the famous party knife- you may have heard of-

the name you maybe wondering about ? well it's called the party knife so that when the party gets out of hand you whip this bad boy out and wow, parties over-
kids scatter-
ladies scream

party knife standing on my surfboard
this party knife lives in my van, for traffic problems, roadside hassles, campground bickering, and hunting
the matching knife lives in my studio
attacks unruly art work and hides from me


  1. hmm, this is a little disturbing. hahahaaaa

  2. OF COURSE that's what your surfboard looks like! Vunderbar.


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