blackberry tips

if you're going out into the fields and roadside jungles i thought i would just lay a little word of advice-

and before i say anything-let me state that i have seen you all doing this-be warned against your own denial, and i am addressing myself too-
if you are berry poaching in a populated location never pick berries lower than pecker height (PH)
bums/college kids, will have peed on all the good berries- yes they have- i've seen them- i've been them
you can not wash pee off of fruits and berries,
you must bush whack to find the choicest plumpies
any berries you can easily spot are soiled-any berries your kids can reach have been touched and fondled
you can only go out into the forests and fields, abandoned farms and deep country roads to berry hunt-
or catch HepC
on a lighter note the berries i found at Yuki's house with fruit the size of plums and so perfect in every way that i had to pick millions, thirty feet in the air from ladders risking my very life to bring home and not even eat but plant in the unplated land behind my studio- so that now or very soon i too will have these magic giants
thank you-
and enjoy the pie-

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