old fashioned bombs

sparkler bombs seemed to be the theme of this years action at la push every nut and his hillbilly grandma came down to the water with a bomb and kids in tow
the failure rate is pretty high, this is a failure, i'm not going to tell you how to build them- too easy, and i don't want to see your face with burning wire sticking out of it- this type of bomb is the loudest of all fireworks- crazy and scary

looking for the mysterious 2nd beach sandbar- turns out to be a fogged out shitpig, i got lost in the woods tryng to cut over to the look out from 2nd beach, head high salmon berry, no machete, had to crawl, couldn't get out, found a bear or cougar nest and got the hell out of there, almost fell off the cliff- no body climbs up to the look out anymore- the trail was massively over grown

there is no room in the big tent for me, there's Forest giving me the buffalo eye

some washed up dirtbag looking for cookies, cake, pie, coffee and love'n

camp fire love- so sweet and warm

the Quilyaute are getting ready for Treaty Days, quilyute days, canoe races, salmon bake, more fireworks, canoe races and ocean canoe journeys, this is their ocean going vessel

momma and baby dusk off and windy nights

hand novels-because i need to spend a shit load of time alone, hiking, swimming and reading, what about the wife and kids???

people spend a fortune of these little beauties

Dashielle watching the waves with a stick against the marine layer

guys and their wives spend hours trying to catch these little Surf Perch- man i hope they taste good, they're so small

the coastguard showed up and put on a show, by kicking out a dummy and them rescuing said dummy-
the helicopter is monstrously loud

the way we like babies at the beach- out

full moon and perfect fire- and no, i don't practice linear fire theory

little flag

lookout view- can you see all the little tents and tarps this is the area known as Dirty South

full moon and roman candles can the beach ever get any better than this

boys playing dog- i tried not to take any pictures of dogs, because i don't like them, but apparently they're camera whores

or do i ?

it will be burned, everything is, late in the autumn the picking gets slim- everything will burn

look how dirty the babies finger nails are, not to mention cute, Mee-Mee loves to watch him move his hands

little flag poems

supper time with mrs. michelle- you get to eat well at camp butt stop

i was going to sleep here in the kids playground, but slept under the stars instead and awoke to the swirling milky way pulling me up into space

Roman Candle is a great name- for just a wonderful invention

babies feet couldn't you just pickle them

waves, glorious frozen closed out shifty scrambling small crowded waves and my back doesn't hurt

loved the fountains of fire

romantic sunsets ruined by maniacs

hog high fire- never put rocks in a fire

this poacher never leaves my camp spot all he does is eat and scream at me-

day 4 the 5th of july, everything is wet, full of sand and smelly

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  1. oh some of those photos are really cool, especially the roman candle ones, and the helicopter, looks like a good time


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