guns are not the problem part 4

you see, Dashiell and i had gone to the park, referred to as spider park by us, because we had never been there before, and didn't' know the real name, except that it was all gangsters and lowrider Chevy's, not really a kid friendly place. but the city and some huge coffee chain had spent billions rebuilding the castle and the equipment, so Dashiell and i went, some beautiful sunny day with lots of kids and laughter. until this cherry red 30inch rim speakers bumping impala, squeals around the corner and pop pop pop pop, like six or seven shoots go off, car doors fly open and i grab dash and dive behind the climby fire engine and more shots are fired and i yell to all the oblivious kids to get down and then panic, everyone starts running, and i see some maniac running two feet from us and all theses little kids, with a hand gun pointed back over to the street and a car with the doors laid open, bass heavy, maybe he's just going to push his kids on the swing, and Dashiell and i break for the street and duck for cover behind a Volvo, and these two kids run up to me, crying, can we hide with you? and i grab them and cover them all up, behind the wheel.
that's why it's called shoot out park.

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  1. Hi Neil,Have been keeping up with your blog sight and enjoying your stories very much.Tried to post my comment's but don't seem to do it right.Love your misfit picture he look's like dracula,and Dashiell look's so cool and tough.If I was you and the world was like you write about especially the story with the park and Dashiell,I would stay home and not go out.But am enjoying your fiction with a sputtering of truth and exaggeration.Keep on writting and painting.Love mom.xxxxoooo.


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