ten things i would bring in my spaceship

if i ever really build my spaceship, or if perhaps NASA, or some other space agency finally gets us to space, this is what i would bring, if they let me on board, they might, i'm low maintenance to a degree, but maybe i'm too tall,

1. my family, but sadly not the puppies.

2. my rifle, even though i'm on the fence when it comes to guns

3. maybe some nice slacks

4. toys for the kids

5. gifts, for the aliens, you know like some nice rings, a hat, nail polish, something for the

shelf, small busts of famous humans.

6. could i bring my van?

7. my ipod i guess.

8. wait this sounds like a camping trip, marshmallows.

9. money? is everything paid for, or what?

10. gum, for sure, i like to chew gum in the late mornings, ten eleven o'clock.

11. snacks, fireballs, definitely, some chocolate, m&ms, potato chips{wise} and some green tea, okay.

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