look everyone who knows me will attest to this, i don't even smoke, i'm hardcore straightedge.
i don't even take aspirin, i am not a hippy, i don't wear hemp shoes, i am not a vegan, but i can't take this war on drugs, i can't stand the killing in Mexico, to feed the US market, and most of all i can't stand our justice system and our overwhelming prisons.

PROHIBITION ended in 1933, because it was proven not to work, what is wrong with us now, are we this blind. i woke up this morning with a crazy idea to end this right now, i woke up and had to send this out, and i need all the blogger artist and crafty guerrilla knitters and all to help, join in, fight for just one single day, any day, pick a day, i'm not an activist, some one else has to lead, make it February 14 th i don't care, can everyone just blog the words.

LEGALISE IT NOW. anything, something, this small could be all that is needed to end this, now this year.
President Obama help the economy, help our people and all the farmers of the world, end the war on drugs.



i know nobody wants to hear any of this crap, we all just want to sit around being silly, and driving cars, i should know, look at my blog, i'm an idiot, but what the fuck kids, step up, we have a new prez, it's a new era. let's act now, please. isn't a green valentines day hilarious?

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