when i move to the country

when i finally move to the country i am going to . . .

buy a telescope and show the kids the planets and stars

plant my own orchard, with apples and peaches and pears and plums and figs. Paw-paw.

either find a really great berry patch or plant one, with blackberries and blueberries and salmon berry, all the goose and huckles i could find.

have a really nice view and a great place to hike after breakfast

get some bird houses and rusty tricycles again, with sunflowers and wasps.

hunt for frogs with the boys at midnight, and show them what peepers are.

listen to the crickets, as i fall asleep
make a lot of pies and teach the girls and boys how to shoot bottles with a plinky .22

then i'm going to load up the truck and take all the monsters to the drive-in and watch crappy movies with ugly teenagers, popcorn fingers and so much noise nobody within miles of us will know what the movie is about,

but me, i'll know, this is what the movie is about. sitting on a fold-up lawn chair with a root beer and some kids pointing to the stars or the lightning bugs.

fucking hicks.

i love you.

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  1. God I love you. Lets move to the country already and drink rootbeer....i am waiting.


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