new review/interview

psst. . . hey! you know those guys who call you over, like they know you, but they really just want to hit you up for some money, or suss you out, for a ride to some creepy party, well that's what i feel like sometimes. when i post these thingys about myself.
psst. . . check it out i got a review/interview in this other bloggy thing.
thanks. Laura first sale.


  1. Fantastico! Some blog ink, way to go! And argh, I tried to post a glowing comment about how much I love the art of yours and Jake's in the post below a few days ago but it didn't stick. I blame the computer. Not mine. All computers! Rarghhh!!! So back to my point: GREAT ART IN THE POST BELOW!

  2. thank you b/w, i was just trying to figure your site meme out, too early for me, been up all night for a week, thanks again, now i follow you.


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