general strike !

don't be a scab ~ general strike May 1 ~ no work ! no school !
man the barricades ~ global general strike !
shut this city down and open up a new world
this is the new WTO !!!
underground artists ATW
my driveway is now an art factory
the voluptuous horror of karen black LP shows up
with blue body make-up
signed to me with love

but no turn-table will work
bucket paint buff blast
general strike options
fence hangers

this is your arsenal

Seed Bomb Bike Brigade

free the caged potted plants
fluorescent"s failure
street art ~ yeah~ don't' know who's
the view from the head~ not the poop deck
to a new world !!!
name a wild cat ?
the pink beard says ~ General Strike
Tahoma~ with General Strike air show
end oral slavery~ straight-edge paintings ~ have you tried. . . nothing ?


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