unicorns are watching

 this Friday evening we will be on the streets ~ without permits~ with hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sister~ fighting for freedom and justice and honor !
this Friday evening at 8 PM Seattle Central Community College !!!

last-night walking home from events that left me depressed ~ i ran into a huge mob of fully fetish clad riot cops grunting and yelling~ATTACK SQUAD !!! practicing crowd control and human oppression ~ right here in Seattle Universities new gymnasium parking lot~ i rode over and asked what was going on told them i was going to take picutres and the LT. told me to get back at least 25 feet
as his mob of fully armoured men with four foot trouchens whacked their sheilds and frienghtned the crap out of me ~ then another short bus pulled up and out popped 25 more cops fully encapsulated in black body armour and helmets and weapons of intimidation

so now you know~that if this friday night~that if the police riot and try to corral us and kettle us and beat us and we have to fight for free forever~ Just so you know~ so the world knows~
THEY practicecd all week and THEY wanted blood ! our blood !
because we used our free speech~ we freely assembled !
we didn't stay home ! with our loved ones !
We gave our blood freely for strangers~ aquaintances and brave brothers and sisiter who are willing and braver than sticks and guns and armor

because our only armor is each-other !!!


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