Super Swarm Seattle Bike Blocks the City September 28

Come join in solidarity as Seattle joins Bike Swarm International for a night of bicycle riding / wheelies / brakies / cop blocking and urban blockade~ starting at the heart of capital~ the peak of oil ~ the arteries of commerce and exploding in the bedroom communities of the wealthy ! who deliberately ride on our backs wont peddle or let us steer !    NE!L~      


  1. i'm a cyclist, and this sounds retarded. what do you think you're going to accomplish?

  2. you used the word~ retarded ! as an insult
    you must ride a tricycle !
    push your bike up hill
    read about international bike swarm
    and come meet me at the park
    we'll talk

  3. this sounds shitty and retarded

  4. you have nothing else 2 do ?^$&^$%$%^

  5. we have so much to do !
    but this is just a small step toward rebuilding this world
    even if it makes you uncomfortable or late for TV
    you could just join us and ride down hills with sunsets and brunettes and iced-tea and smile
    Free !

  6. So, your plan is to do something aimed at being a deliberate nuisance to others under the guise of being fun and carefree. You guys are forcing a confrontation and doing so in a passive aggressive way. I support making Seattle a more bike friendly city, however a stunt like this is only going to turn drivers against you rather than make them sympathetic to what you're trying to accomplish.

  7. Maybe it doesn't make you late for TV. Maybe it makes people late to see their parents before they fly away. Maybe it delays people trying to get to a hospital or countless other important life living events.
    I too am all for increased bicycle lanes and other bicycle promoting ideas, but not the type which increase problems and cause resentment.
    There has to be a better way!

  8. You're not making me late for TV, you're making me late getting home to spend time with my wife and son. You'll be blocking my bus, which I take to where I live in a more affordable area outside of the city. You have no idea how much damage this does to your cause. I am on the side of clean transportation UNTIL you make it so I can't spend quality time with my son at the end of a day of work. This is petty, ridiculous, and misdirected. For every one person who, for some reason, sees this action and says "I need to change my ways," you'll cause 1,000 to turn away from your cause as having been hijacked by lunatics or sociopaths. Take this to some place that isn't a liberal paradise like Seattle and you'll get an even bigger reaction without causing people to turn against you. And let me see my son before he goes to bed.

  9. okay~ so when the whole city is shut down to traffic for seafair, for football, baseball, soccer games, or for the blue fucking angels it's okay to make me sit in traffic for the greater good of your entertainment
    fuck that !
    and fuck bike lanes this isn't about bicycle rights and safety and helmet laws or any laws this is . . .
    i want all of your cars dead !
    i want my cars dead !
    i want big oil boycotted
    but mostly i want a nap and you to ride a bike with me, my kids and your kids eating ice pops in a world without emissions and traffic and infrastructure expenses and deep bore tunnels
    i have no cause~ bikes are traffic~ i don't stop your progress home~
    anyway thanks for the interest ! see ya ! Friday night ! we'll hold hands and blow bubbles and live inconvenient realities !

  10. I saw this on KING5 tonight, and I just have to say...confirms all that I have heard about crazy Seattle bicyclists. You're a moron just like the rest of those pushy lunatics.

  11. it's like all these angry people ("anonymous", "anonymous", and "anonymous" lol) aren't even bothering to read the actual blog post *and the explanation of the planned ride*..

    "crazy seattle bicyclists" heh, funny because i'm just a regular student at seattle central, who likes to bike ride, and you better understand that i'll be out there riding today, tonight, etc.

    If you believe anything you hear or see on king 5 well then why not come see today what actually happens, which will be, as planned, a nice bike ride, not what you seem to think will be a bloody mad max style all out war against cars.. who even cares about cars, we are on bikes, we can skip traffic.

  12. Until bicycles pay road taxes, the roads are for cars. Cars pay taxes that keep the roads in good condition. What do bicycles pay for?

    1. Do you pay taxes to use the sidewalk?

  13. I hope all you hippies get arrested on site

    1. "hippies"

      oh and also, we didn't. none of us did. jerk

  14. It's not about making someone 'late for TV', you're robbing me of time with my son after a long day at work.
    The whole "Fuck the system" attitude doesn't actually fuck the system, it just fucks people who might agree with you if you didn't make their lives miserable just to make a point.

  15. all we really want is to unpave all the streets, not pay taxes, kill every car, including our own, boycott big oil, close the malls, wake up late, quit our jobs,stop the wars ! which by the way ~ mourned 11 years this week, while nobody cares, because we all argued about bicycles, stop deporting immigrants, stop drone strike killing civilians, halt the race to war in Iran, and make you miss your child's whole life
    is this really too much to ask ?
    and by the way, i have never stopped traffic
    and drivers have actually killed us on the streets ! people just like you~ riding their bike home to see their children and commuting in the rain !


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