skull wheel

after the revolution. . . i go to have my back examined

by beautiful women with ice cold hands and death stars !

after we lost the revolution. . . we castrate ourselves

after the revolution. . . all of our numbers are written on cream colored walls

after we lose the revolution. . . we open all ages art galleries

we bury the homeless and pay our taxes and talk about other things

after the uprising. . . our homes are really foreclosed

after the apocalypse. . . we view each other through tiny windows of ice

after the activists leave. . . the militants take up arms and block the roads

we put away the polite signage

buy, possess, trade new weapons of imaginable charm

paint everything FUCKING RED !!!

move on to other adventures. . . in grey

1/2 the color of my true love's flag

after the insurgency. . . everything is fuckable

after the revolution fails. . . we are crushed, poisoned and left for dead
after the revolution. . . we live in what we find, brown and worn, stained silver squeals

NE!L~ fir real !!!

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