unpave !

We ride unpaved streets !

A bike block manifesto !

We roll the streets envisioning a world without cars trucks or police,
unpaved, bare footed untamed in silence~ Forrest covered ~ Wild !
We ride ~ beware the rasping howl of commuter traffic
Speed freak death burners crossing bridges and lakes streams, puddled oasis, pond, driving/raping over corpse fried trees, pebbled river bed blade of meadow grass sweet crushed berry dreams~
paved over by deaths gasoline, petroleum encased fuel cells, internal combustion's weapon against us, you me them our very own children
stuffed into artificial wombs of radio, cushioned automobile radios warmth flying tormented boxed time machine~
CARS !!! I spit out your name ~ devouring our precious time upon earths moldy lichen covered soul~
killing our only home by driving bombs into our kitchens, our lives
Controlled by clocks and cocks and miles per hour ~ insurance and state patrol's iron fist hand outs ~ taxed to death little drone workers paying to sit within plastic shelled fetish charms labeled and advertised as so fucking COOL to own !
As if you would ever lust ~ jump~fight to own some devious device of suicides wheeled torture
Until the night we UPAVE these streets !!!
Until the night we UNPAVE the streets of civilizations genocide
We ride the streets tonight against your prisons, your suburbs, your black parking lot immeasurable ! Wallets to greed !
we roll the streets today against your vision of sprawl and how we should live
how we should fucking shop~ we wont shop ~ but to Liberate !!!
We roll in rags and thrift shop camo / free pile passions ~appalled by your culture of fashion based self hate
We ride against empires glossy magazine propaganda of who we should look like / act like/ smell like/ fight like .
We ride against your assumed ownership trip
We ride against your weapons, guns, fist and Flags
& stolen bikes !
we roll the streets on junk shop bikes and squeaky wheeled wonders
Without your filthy laws, against your signs of COMMAND~
Red light's fascist order control ~ YEILD to no man who needs weapons to play make believe reality rules~ for my protection ~
we ride together~ holding hands and black flags ~ starry eyed warriors~ with empty fists~
riding together in strength against the only enemy we can believe in~ You System !
You death machine, you bulldozers ! You hilltop levelers ! You tree slicing forest killers ~
We roll against you ! 4 ever ! Capitalist indenture !
We ride to halt your expansion, your pipelines, and all this destruction named progress/ planning / zoning/ land use fucking lies and sterility~
We ride against traffic in solidarity with our 4 legged comrades
We roll against factories, zoos, corporate farms, against airlines and airports, super stores Malls !
we stand for all beings /living in care
we ride like black dogs on fire with hunger
We ride in pain / with heart break
We ride on fire ~
in actual flame
Every second combustible !!!

We roll along blind to desire to overcome surpass or beat anyone else this ain't no race~ it's a hill climb 4 ever !
We don't react / we ATTACK !!!
we ride at night unreflective
unrepentant scribblers / writers / flyers
we roll free without helmets~ we don't need protection from you ! Your system needs to be guarded from us ~like some monster of capitals burning to the ground at our feet and hands! Before our magical eyes
We ride against your surveillance, mistrust, fear, and human greed~ your spies and killers~ cash flow needs
we ride with our training wheeled sisters and brothers in mutual aid and endearment until the day . . . they fly. . . and we die together on streets to Free
We will always ride scout and spy upon the apparatus of militarized oppressors~ always ! Until our bikes are pulled out from under us . . . our legs slide and our hearts fail !
We ride in straightedge boredom against the tyrants selling our people drugs and alcohol and chemtrailed tobacco, chew and hollywood hollowed out rebellion ! Thru the lies of addiction and price tag begging

We roll alone in future dreams aloft~ in a city of the future you fight to destroy~ a city unpaved, forested, unlined, without grids ~ with-out the automobile and it's slaved workers~ with blue skies and rain drops drinkable~
and that's the thing ~we could really live in a world where we could drink from puddles, where we could swim in the rivers and hide in the trees and walk together into future sunsets with birds and wildlife uncaged ~ uneaten marvels of evolution~
we could inhabit the very same space in total freedom

we could / you could

ride with us until our wheels fall off / until our handle bars pull out/ de-railers fail / chains snap ! until. . . until . . . You !
Until You ride with us~ until there is nowhere /nothing more beautiful or perfect than this moment and this paradise~ right here !!! for us to ride to !

Unpave our future !!!


or we could just ride together and see where these sad roads take us
in lines of silver clouds to some dream where we smile and ride beneath leaves and near fields along river banks and oceans
full of life and jumping
drink tea in chipped tiny cups with kids on blankets
four wheels leaning against each other
with candy colored tape

unlocked !


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