Seed bombed mornings

sleeping gorgeous !

my bike club will destroy your prisons, erase your boarders and block your cops

Seed Bombing beauties in sunsets explosive drama~ so rad ~

screaming dorks

May Day baby~ Ride with me !

building seed bombs ~ with compost, dirt seeds and a taco of clay

big sister is always watching~ 1985 ! Destroy Patriarchy !

a blurred slice of Terry ave ~ a steep hill a small park of wild shit and stone alley trees and block w/trail

the concrete and car hell that is south lake union ~ looking charmed at dawn

Unpave the city, unpave the towns, rewild the streets and ride bikes all around

loved the heck outta this little ice queen ! so simple and clean

173 16 Th ave Seattle spelled backwards is . . . Pipsqueak !

Pipsqueak, Seattle an all ages cafe / coffee shop / art gallery with free library

i have waited 30 years for the new Fatalitees LP ! mine came with a Alfred E Newman stamp !

so fuck'n punk~ a fucking bald eagle smashing a guitar into the statue of liberty's face !

greatest ~ most romantic getaway cottage in Seattle~

this is a tree fort where Tinsel took me on our first date  

a nice glue~up to find on the back of signs

sent this little honey of a painting to St. Louis~ where the Post Office stole it~

Forest is on my van TV

NE!L~ always at your heel

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