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The 13th Person

The 13th woman just lost interest ! And isn't only a woman.

The 13th person is so depressed and embarrassed at having just now realized that they have squandered cash, time and energy on mindless passive viewing from couches and the hell of bars, the utter defeat of the real life we could have collectively lived while our loved ones.
Dressed in rags of corporate logo battle colors - chugged beer while pampered over feed endorsed men played games on lawns in front of screens blocking the cancelled lives we could have explored with our children.
The 13th woman/man/ is a riot ! A rioter !
Who destroys himself with commercial psychology product placement at home in the car / at the office~ shitty job or apartment's front door pendant.
The 13th person / human sheds their jersey in choked pain w/ the realization of mistake / writ large with hangover shame.
In the bedroom they are slapping their own green and blue painted foreheads thinking “how stupid they were for going home with this fucking meat head” with all the flags and brands and good looks / just to be used and fucked aside, taken for our desires of fan affinity, do it for the team in consensual rape, a need to belong to something, Our team, our town, our dreams of some misplaced pride in someone else victory. Nailed it !
The 13th Cheerleader puts on some pants and a thick sweater! Stops shaving their legs and pits and smashes all the TVs.
Throws all this crappy poster life / coffee mug morons / pompoms / jackets / hats & merch
And burns it all on the street.
Looks at you and you both shrug
Now what ?

Live ! Life !
Without channel guides hysteria
What will the NFL MLB ACAB NHL and nascar do when the 13th super fan wakes up / rejects these chains of viewing slavery ~kicks over the television~ will they force us to watch !

The 13th mom doesn't care if her son wears nail polish or that her man likes watching men fight in cages for balls ~ because she's on the roof with a gun shooting at some-other team of fascists !

The 13th man awakes to a new Monday morning without hangovers without the feeling of failure because he no longer carries the burden of statistics /spread /gambling loss to the office
Because downtown is on fire.
Sparked from the realization that organized team sports is not life !
That Television is a mere distraction away from our stolen reality !

The 13th people dress in black and take back the night from bars and clubs and friday night lights to revel in actual lives !
The 13th people have finally realized that they never lost a game, never had the chance to win this game either !
This game, in stadium / on screens, screamed at you, was never about you winning but one of control and the power to make you care enough to buy some more shit, the power of the rich and their children to own you, your house & your kids / to become their future.

the 13th people stop giving their eyes away ! Stop paying to lose their souls to money hungry thieves.
Stop paying for the owners luxury !

We send the kids to school to start it all over~ 100 yards of hard capitalism, a lot of grass to mow !

While we sit in shit and get sloppy on canned nachos wipe our faces on division one tee shirts,
pray to made up gods, that fake rivalries can be decided by millions of fans throwing pay checks at Sunday afternoon TV's, nihilists wearing gatorade soaked uniforms of conformities enforcement.
This 13th women smashes all the dishes ! Fills the washer and dryer with gasoline smiles and walks outside sitcoms !
While outside, the wife, the kids, the men gather and chant, armed with nothing but their own innate total freedom.
They take buses and trains, ride bikes and complain about the rain while they walk to real life adventures

Unscreened without edit, script or producer control.

Their anger erupts from being a billboard/ a sign / an advertising medium,
the anger of being duped and used cheated out of our time and limited resources, buy professional capitalist exploiters !
Their not angry because they lost, there was nothing to win or lose ! This was a no stakes charade !
Take to the streets !

The 13th people are angry because all their dreams turned out to be a fraud a fake-out Ponzi scheme.
We wont be getting a fat check, a ring or the chance to run around with trophies screaming !

After this game ends and the screens are muted- never allowed off !
And the mess is vacuumed ~the drunks hosed off, the trucks crashed, the cities paved in glass and flame, we find each other on hilltops~ overlooking the new world ~ only then we can paint our faces and scream, and cheer because we finally won And are really free !

The teams are all of us, the stadium a forest, the hills our home, the glorified players~our children !
In a constant state of replay ! Highlighting some perfect attainment !

13th people rise up !

To simply Turn off the fucking TV !
Throw the phone on to the fire !
Turn toward strangers hold out a hand and say hello.

The thirteen !

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