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i~ can't even use my own damn phone, so please excuse me for fumbling through this cut and paste fuck up, i have attempted~

Because i nearly fell off the couch last night when i saw that Jocelyn had posted a little love over at oh, snap, her blog

that's right this is a blog about a blog about a blog

and i, would like to thank Jocelyn, and all of you dearly for your continued viewership, as of tomorrow sometime, or this weekend this here little bloggy will have hit~ 10,000 views
i know it's not millions but this is about the quality of the eyes, the discerning reader, and my mom, and i clicking in, a lot

Moss-covered art and super dope style

Neil Van always posts fun and fascinating stuff on his blog, but recently, two images from a couple of his posts have been especially beguiling to me.

How cool is this sculpture in artist Tim Fowler's garden? I would love to have or make something that could stand up to the weather and welcome the encroaching moss as gracefully as this guy does.

And how awesome is Beatrix's style? No, not this Beatrix. This one:

Sites like the Sartorialist would be more compelling to me if they featured more images like this. We've seen enough women snapped while walking down the streets of New York and Milan. Capture some shots of fashionable individuals going camping in the rain, will you?

Anyway, clearly, I love everything about this woman's style (Especially that skirt!). Rock on, Beatrix. And thanks, Neil!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

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  1. Holy smokes I am so flattered that you're flattered, so happy that you did not roll your eyes and think to yourself, of all things to be beguiled by: fashion and moss. jeez. I salute your post about my post and here I am posting a comment about your post about my post. We have entered a complex web wormhole!


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