my crap shack

just in case anyone out in the wider world may think that i walk around, drive around and wander taking pictures and making fun of poor people, dirtbags and losers, please feast your lusty eyes upon my humble crap shack, nestled in the barren clearcut hills of Seattle
and let me bestow a few words to any prospective home buyers, beware, do not buy a home that needs to be remodeled, on the inside and outside~ in my defense the interior is almost complete, and i had to stop construction when the contractors began trying to buy me out, we, they, can build four townhouses on this site and my poor little Victorian, from 1891, will be turned into a small pile of debris, from 2010

personnel traffic jam, car lot, junk yard

three vanagons, one ford, half my vehicles drive~

our back porch, wide stoop and outdoor paintings~ original siding, and ivy

studio/ garage/ ping-pong house

garden and dog run

the view from my front steps

this was supposed to be a noir robot painting against a disco floor, 2010

the sky isn't blue, it's concrete 2010

detail ~

Mee-Mee and i finally got the sunroof open in the white parts van and what ! we freaking love it !

what ? you love it too !

if i were some other Neil, I'd be living in the woods in a four hundred dollar house with moon roof, to cover my eyes with stars at night, with the sounds of peepers and crickets off of AM radio, and rolled up tube socks waiting for some future to crash into

kids and family thru the roof hole, where it's always a parade, a prom night or a rock video's magical nights

Party !!!

now i don't know which parts van to make into my runner~ this ride needs to be my surf camper, for rolling solo, creeping into moss, hacking out secret squirrels, and always D.O.C off of mt. octopus

my yard sale haul, 11 bucks, three conversations and one scary stashed nascar dude later
and home for slack line, mini cheesecakes, and big fatties

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  1. nice welding clamp. nice sunroof vanagon. You Have No Choice! The sunroof van is a Keeper!


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