the book of La Push

behind this drop ~

shore pound whispers

what the seal saw

my favorite view on the planet~

i don't take pictures of people

spring time in Cascadia

a time machine~

to relentlessly reliving life's moments

following that board over the lip

look people ! it was May Long Weekend, the Canadian holiday

all the sun we saw~ burning down at dusk

a beacon, to hide from sleep

do we ever thank the moon ?

what if the clouds are hiding something ?

Sunday small drive home diaries

giant step to logjam

mushy cold moments of i don't know how to surf

to eat some thing's head

the ocean's tampon

soaked wet marbly sounds

against a fluffed out candy cotton

embroiled pishkins

a cartoon fragment

where i crashed my spaceship

beside first light yawning

a sandy unwashed face ~ hungry for coffee and the strength to suit up

while should have been ~ paddling out

the hip bone of mermaids

a sea star on stilts sits stunned and stranded

the trail i follow

to wet dead things

outside mommas

washed away

death mounts us all to the ground

4 foot @ 14 seconds forever~ a new high tide spot

my analog vanagon~


  1. Great photos, hope you had fun.Still at the beach,I think me and dad have chickenpox,what fun.pucci.

  2. silly,that's a duck skull - the bill.the mermaids thank you for the thought though.


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