the mural

before the world ends in ducks, and is painted over by shades of grey and brown

the brown bunny watches the cities burn

a rat hidden valley

the simplest abstraction of geography

if only art were some pill shaped understanding to be swallowed rather than owned

the sun fades even dragons

the fifth wave in any set is always the biggest

burn geometry to the ground

iron cross pinwheel vs whale

how to crush elephants

my balls stuffed thru Uranus

the sun is a steel blade to winged things

a flattened tree talking to a hairy sunset

does the sun suspect the trees of gazing at the moon

a cheap restoration

tattooed ass

the sun sends it's son to kill the earth

we discovered planets crashed at our feet

building new alphabets

concrete flags waving over worthless worlds

i've never painted a round novel

children don't have real eyes

we've built spacecraft to land on each other
everything will fade, be torn down, painted over or ignored


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