the city of Seattle declares ~ Destroy Art Day !

this is what the wooden wall on Rainier ave. looked like for months and years~ before the Decolonize mural was created
the city of Seattle has officially declared open warfare on ART / or has chosen to paint the city generic grey / let's form the GREY BLOC and paint everything grey !!! 

the Before shot of the most beautiful DIT* project ever / where a small band of free writers travel the land making/ transforming what was once heinous urban crap and creating and  brightening our landscape / but the city wants the free form arts destroyed and forced into galleries small unseen walls / a hidden world of ownership and monetary attachments/ the city wants advertizing dollars to tell us to buy lottery tickets beer and packaged lies / which is why we scream and paint ~ DECOLONIZE 

*do it together~DIT  ~ Seattle painters / writers / dreamers NE!L~

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