Seattle Free Universe-ity
 built a little zine to introduce some thoughts
 We need better propaganda !!!
 seed bombing is a good place to start~ people really love the idea and are willing to talk about it~ and come right over to speak with strangers !

Great meeting, Food 4 Everyone + Free Learning!

Free U Organizing meeting went well yesterday, thanks so much everyone who came out for your enthusiasm!
For people who want to participate in continued organizing for this project, please go here ( to register for the internal listserve. If you are just interested in facilitating/participating in learning activities but you don’t want to be involved in more structural organizing of the project, don’t sign up for the list serve.
At the organizing meeting yesterday, we decided to have our first official Learn-in (or Learnin’) this Sunday at Food for Everyone at 3pm (on 24th and Cherry, in the Central District). People will each have 2-5minutes to facilitate a learning activity directly representing a subject that they want to start a learning community around this summer. Consider this as a broad and active sampling of the things we will be learning together this summer, if you are going to facilitate something, consider it your opportunity to pitch the importance of learning that particular subject.
Also, if you still have not filled out the survey, please do so! It will be closed on May 25th so we can publish the results and get longer term courses going by the end of June:


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