Arrow Park time traveling

the grand tree lined drive which leads to Arrow Park, Monroe, NY

the garden of giant poets

Walt Whitman apparently is the centerpiece

of the only piece of cultural significance in Monroe ~ now that Frank Nigra has died

these plinths and huge busts stand about 12 feet tall

suicide or murder ? pushed down some stairs in Moscow

you can see the guard shack in the background~ we used to sneak in through the woods rather than pay the entrance fee

you can rent rooms, eat cold borscht swim in the lake play beach volley ball go fishing or hike

the employees took us on a tour and we loved it~

the lake as seen from the dining room

Newly restored/ under protest

bedroom fireplace tiles

really cute details of all the wildlife

the lounge / smoking room

outside the cafeteria thankfully not renovated / not pictured

the red 1950's kitchen gear is swell and so inviting against so much dark wood

nice pitcher ! picture !

stairs down to the lake
gunslinger monkey bars~

this place hasn't changed at all in all the years we've been coming / and still no kids in the playground

trash can topper ~ no trash can

where i took Michelle on our first date~ skinny dipp'n
and amazingly a concrete ping pong table ~ so great~

they relocated the old dock which had stood here~ where we had stood in summer days of youth stealing row boats and getting married and finding ant islands and swimming along damnes and hiking trails around the lake and wondering how long such a marvelous place could survive against taxes and sprawl and developers ~ and here it is preserved and perfect in our hearts 


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