i was on vacation. . . out of town. . . hidding. . . dispatches from Delaware

Oak tree you're in my way

always play Exquisite corpse with children~ boobfeet

tiny details of amusement draw me away from you

riderless victories ~

neck snapping clarity of ware

nothing we can do. . . or create can ever stand as perfect as this trash can topper~ or show our utter disdain for wildlife

a haunted world adrift before our eyes~ anti-clock

can childhood realities ride upon such nightmare

a caged gilded journey

in filtered cobwebbed colors

atomic engined play things~ empty

man-sized cock

Rise like . . . lions

mark this toads passing not in carrousels majesty but in visions of hope

one-piece goddess walking upon the waters

where power plants create artificial sunset

breaded perfectionist

we kill others to display beauty among weapons of sport

all roads should be dirt~ blazed across deer-fly fields

people meeting at bridges

little beauties ~ replenished 

things i don't buy~ for you

Delaware~ Indian river inlet bay~ the end of the east 


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