destroy all prisons !

 we stuffed 11 full grown humans into the van and rolled to Seatac for a noise demonstration

to shout out some love & solidarity to our brothers and sisters being held captive in Federal Detention~
 damn ! i love you people~ who will stand in the rain~ in the cold~ on enemy held land~ against
 Oppressors ~  & look @ Birdy's finger !!! Ahhh ! Number one zine review~ loved the cover ~ didn't get a chance to read this one~ yet~
 and this guy was all set up on his little spy mission and when i took his picture ~ he went ape shit and said you just can't go taking pictures of people all the while that he is doing the same~
 the desk~ slipping into time ~
& a duck painting ~ traded for bikes ! oh, yeah !

Total freedom NE!L~

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