everything was going to be. . .

everything was going to be great until you opened your big fat mouth. . .
went shopping for harvested wood~
cherry, maple, oak, purple heart. . .
rows upon rows of wasted forests. . . so we could have interesting architectural details to ignore while we watch TV
everything was going to be artsy. . . until people stopped killing pigs to build paint brushes
until we stopped using bristles altogether and painted with pure vegan surprise sunrise
every-morning, everything is going to be perfect because i eat the sun~for breakfast~ from slick dark rooftop
inhabit a world of boys in costume~ disguised villains
i really thought i loved surfing until i read these glossy heinous affairs of fantasy
where beauty is choked to death and applied with blunt red trauma
everything was going to be . . . vacationing homeless. . .  forever
everything was always going to be. . . Spittin' Cobra's !!!!
everything was going to be bearded. . . and perfectly Unibomber !
Don't say a word ! and everything will be alright. . . Rise with Us !


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