someday walkings

can you find the hidden children~ where they're hiding ?

parked on the street~ a perfect VW Thing ~ in red glistening with dew beside the white chicken

i didn't buy this~ even though the box was perfect~ no cars~ no fuel pump~ Sizzlers !
a few days ago this was one of my friends and why i hate racoons and dogs !

X-Mass punk stump !

two bikes i have received in trade for a painting / Barter town rules !

so very wonderful Thnx Jason R !

on patrol w/ ducks~ did you see the brown female ?
coming to a demonstration near you !!! watch out Fascists !

my wife loves dogs more than i love them and vice versa !

Birdy ! in his environment
greatest tag and style ever ~ INANE

and fucking Santa Crawls !

not down with the intent but love the heck outta Hellawasted and Space Waster

when this tree dies / or the city murder's it / i will move from this city and never look back

raccoon eating it's tail, a really great artist at work / stencil stickers kill it
my new body modifications

the painting i have traded for two new old stock bikes to build~

telephone pole massacre
my stitches on the table

destroy all prisons / noise demo / new years eve !!! join us !


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