tomorrow, i will be the enemy

Tomorrow I will be the enemy

for Kevin !

We never learned how to make bombs~
but we have~ FIRE !!!

Our children ~
Our very own beautiful /care grown /loved /adored children with glowing brown skin and smiling bright pure eye /will look back at us from the dust of histories textbooks and curse ! spit on the ground and know us as the enemy~ and whisper ~ Why ?
while we in gravities drastic clutches ~ infirm~ skeletal~ diseased~ cancerous ~ and living so damn long as to have sucked every ounce of resource out of the world~ we of greedy need~ huge desires~ enormous everything~ lusting~ even of years and hours more of life at our very own children's pockets and hearts ~ we will try to remember why we weren't on the streets as true freedom fighters, why we never stood up to the banks~ police~ soldiers~ corporations ~ sold out media~ why we joined the wrong side of history~ why we let time fall away from us and watched from the sidelines as the world turned to blackened dust~
Why did you kill everything~ why didn't you stop this ?
Our own children's children~ deformed~ blind~ mute~ sick~ stillborn~ clutched to flaccid breast/ tear splashed dystopia stand in the very ruins we had built with apathy~ civil obedience~ nonviolence~ reformist voters dreaming some playful lullabies thinking we could change the course of their machine with votes and protests, as it lumbers into the future destroying every living thing behind it and creating this vast horrible white future of burnt out sterile cities of platinum wealth/ spacecraft entitlements / colonist playgrounds surrounded by all the dead beings expendable~ used up to create this elite wonderland~ surrounded by gardens of forests and field of amber GMO and security fenced to keep ~ them out ~ yes them ! Our children
yes! Our children in the splendid clean over nourished pampered homes of failed sprawl
so our children could enslave your children who will enslave browner children who will steal the very stars from out of our eyes who will hate each-other and pledge allegiances to colorful fluttering flags and corporate flickered screens while they text pictures of poor people, falling down drunk under the wheels of consumption and police cars who pix message each-other their newest weapons~ specialized tortured devise, fetish charm portraits of each-other as gamer wet dream blacked out Kevlar knee pads, knife, four foot riot stick, baton, taser, zip ties, plastic automatic extra clips, bullet proof vest, helmet, face shield and pepper spray to fight 18 year old 100 pound girls in black hoods and bangs.
To destroy any chance free speech may have had of holding hands with freedom of assembly against the night, with stars and clouds and rain drops the size of fist, against commuters who die at every red light, drivers who need police protection from inconveniences and who hate and hate and need to drive away from the cities and filthy dirty bums and punks and hippy shits who should just get jobs and get outta the street
and wish the fucking cops would just really start kicking some ass~
fuckers laying on the horn and burning history at their feet and killing bicyclists at every corner~ fucking bikes
lay on the horn and blast the radio and drink poisoned coffee and listen to mass produced indie music from bands with funny names and beards and stash and organic hair and tiny pants and racist lyrics and commodity halo~ full of club~ bar ~ culture ~ a benign hatred~ exclusion privileged smart phoned porno viewing exploiters~
Our children will peer into the past and watch glamorized propaganda views of us~ and know us as the enemy~
Know you as the enemy !
Know me as the enemy !
Know all of us as enemy !
know our creations as just what they are. . . LIES ! Vast collaborations !
All of our stories, all of our music, all of our wars and myths and dramas and films and televisions and censored rapes and colonial fairy tales and all of our educations and all of our visions, visionaries and heros will be condemned as crass hateful, murderous filthy horrible deceits and monsters. All of our bed time stories that they could fathom will burn as mumbled babble~ crazy talk of ~ a people disconnected~ gone ~ twisted ~ dusted~ drunk on the silly sick belief that there is / was something important / permanent/ grandiose / that we as a people! We Americans ! We of the United States of America shown like fireworks and gold against the petty black dirty rest of the world~ that we were / are going to lead all of our poor unenlightened neighbors toward some perfect tomorrow world of happiness and cocooned enshrined nobility within homes and comforts and small fashionable gadget / look at our magnificent bodies/ homes/ cars/ children/ jobs/ bank accounts/ shiny objects / a future fetish full of lies that only our children and their children will be able to see as lies from that failed blistered future~

and see with clear un-brainwashed eyes, see the hidden cost of all of our faux struggles with economic defeats and conservative boondoggles and liberal bloat To be able to see with innocent desperate eyes the horrible bloodthirsty payment the rest of the world the rest of history will have to pay ~ forever
so we could sit in air conditioning and watch fucking movies about people with nice hair fucking ! And watering plants and making fun of each-other and hating and loving and pretending to care that we are pretending to care about tomorrow

while standing on the street at night / tonight / standing on the street poor/ kids and old men and young runaways and older women and class warriors and drifty gypsies and street writers hold hands and torches . . . surrounded by cops and running across sidewalks and laughing and crying and you+me are staying home eating too much food

while our children, stand in the future of dreams, turned to ash, turned to rolling fields of wastes, recycling, digging with callused hands into the very earth of waste management, hiding from the corporate waste police guarding a treasure of our trash. Future archeologists

Our children”s children sit in puddles of leachate and cry in hunger, in rags and dirt, while our children are shot at for stealing half eaten rot, that I threw out last night as you decided to jerk off instead of eating the rest of the pizza~ and the whole world followed~ you / me into the grave of useless/ excess

and then on the streets someone stands up to power and calls them out~ tells the oppressors to fucking kill themselves !
someone riding a shitty bike stands in the path of media lies and someone stands in-solidarity and are all arrested and their gear is stolen, their keys are lost, fucking juiced linebackers dog pile 130 pound revolutionaries dressed in black and pink and perfectly beautiful dreamers who can see the future and can see that all is lost all this facade is pathetic relic history~ the prefabbed wet dream of creepy old guys scrambling for some how more ~
can see the lies like neon signs in 40 foot flashing letters and you/ me can see the same fucking thing, we can both / all see the gleaming fireball wreckage/ wreaked coming up on us fast~ we can see this fucking awful shit storm nightmare. . . the fall the peak oil, the hopeless struggling raids on reserves the pathetic power grabs, oil squeeze nation busting rapes and military flying fatal waves of war, bombs, strife drone strikes failure to kill enough of the right bad guys and their children, and peak oils pratfall and technologies failure to save our industry and all the collapse of infrastructure, the airlines grounded, the car, a green house now for heirlooms and burning malls and burning sprawl and
you+I just decide to stay home instead /obedient, hide under the cover and snuggle our societies tits / suck each-others cocks and cry~ because we can see and know the truth that we are the enemy of our children's future playing the role the nazis have played in ours / how the banks are todays demons we as a people as a nation are all judged guilty are found to be the worst fucking collaborators ever imagined
from feet on the ground, from future grave yards we die old, hated/ pariah/ something feared/ like plinth bound monumental statue/ our children pull us down and bury us burn us as fuel and feel nothing / with our passing so passes our fantasy culture / we die and are burned with our gifts / lozenges shaped black computers burning our memories
our children know the same history as we fully grasp at this very moment
and they still wonder why ? Why did you act like fucking wild mad animals chewing up the world, the resources each others legs off !
they're must have been something gone very wrong
but we can stand up and leap to our feet and land on the stairs and sit on the seats of bikes and peaks of roofs and arm ourselves and teach each other to fight back against this future tomorrow hell~ that they want us to build for them, we are the slaves we wonder about when we think of pyramids and temples and the greeks and the romans and inca and That's fucking us, we're building our own cages chaining our selves together so we can build their spacecraft so their future wont be the shit hole ours will be once their done with us toss us aside, herd us, collect our most attractive mates, domesticate us, rape us, breed us into toys and actors and warriors and fools

and our children watching the film of our lives are out of their seats screaming~ Wake up ! Mom Dad ! Wake up ! What the fuck are they doing ? Why are they just sitting there ? Why don't they fight back ?
Why are they so obedient ?

Run ! Fucking Run ! Stand up ! Fight back !

But the film slips, jumps and ends with this edifice of massive spreading fortress garden of eden Utopia for the rich, powerful and they're allies, surrounded by their armies and police and layers of us against each-other fight each-other for drugs alcohol and diversions anesthesied workers afraid to loose our jobs, union members afraid to loss their pensions, teachers afraid to break the rules and youth sucked into prisons so old business men can make a living and sell their kids spring-break

but we can rise up~ we can wake up ~ we can take the streets~ we can refuse to pay to ride the bus~
we can stop watching TV we can throw our cell phones away ~ we can talk to people in the streets in tents we can walk the streets together we can ride bikes along the highways and burn the automobiles to the ground tear up the roads pull down the bridges.

We never learned how to make bombs ! but we have fire !


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