more vanagon~poor mom

well we did it, you, me and all of our crazy van talk and van life, has ignited a fire beneath my mom, now she too is pulling over to the side of country roads and strolling onto the lawns of maniac homes, littered with the love of failed automobiles
she spotted this little powda blue westy, aircooled, looking lonely, needing a touch of tlc, and buckets of cash~ but sweet jeepers look at that fucking house, where'd the front porch go, and who parks all these cars under the butterfly bush

vans slowly sinking into the earth filling up with stuff that has nothing to do with vans built for camping
unless your going camping with CRAZY !!!!!!
thanks Mom, welcome to the club, maybe you should buy yourself a little van, and a parts van, a spare engine~
it all comes with time. . .
PS i don't know why i haven't been posting these car stories over at Blownbrown~ a lapse, oopsie

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  1. Quite a scene, reminds me of the texas chainsaw massacre. el-mutante


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