pure pulp

the wonderful, Weary1 stopped by the house yesterday to drop off a pie pan {10 cents} and this great book~ i don't display my Pulp novel's, i have never actually felt like i was going to stay here long enough to warrant a huge book shelf, here is a taste of my youthful love, and yes i actually read most of these books, while i should have been hitchhiking around South America, and throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, building illegal space craft, and moments, climbing mountains across the Caucasus's, swimming down the Mississippi. . . but i degrees~

is he a unicorn ? is she a scorpion, are they at the beach ?

i learned one thing from pulp novel cover art~ always point guns at sexy ladies who only wear paint on clothing, break-away-skirts, serious expression or mysteriously fade into the mist
but wait look again, that moon is Saturn or some alien planet, and wait, she has pointy ears, science fiction noir, wacky

everything about this sub looks conventionally 20th century unless it's implied that this cybernetic aquanaut rides inside, another hold over from the big one, WWII

come to the future and relax inside a warm comfortable womb, no shirt ? no problem, big boots~ mandatory

blondes will drive you mad with there fecundity

on the magazine front~ we as Americans, coming down from WW2 battle high, decided, fuck it, lets just keep building bombers and jet fighters and nuke the world into peace freedom and segregation

this crazy game involves foreplay with big cleavers, white women with guns, bundled in sheets vs. zombie~ fun

the only thing there is to fear is blonde, but lush ? so lush ?

jefferson airplane opens for VHOKB* on fire

does anyone else marvel at the fact that it took the entire world to beat/destroy the Germans during world war two~

lesson learned~ don't fuck with Germans

again with the blondes, this little honey, is so cold she's picking this guys pocket, he, who brought a knife to a gun fight, chump, just what were they doing hiding behind the sofa anyway, love the knit polka dot shadow on her thigh

Q. hatchet, giant blood drop, sky blue clouds ?

A. surrealist murder

what were we planing on doing in the next war, drop cars on the Kremlin ?

stone cold blonde ? hmmm. . . ? she's sexy, she's reaching for something in that drawer, she's clearly blonde, they were obviously up to sexual antics, but~ is he crippled, drugged, sloppy drunk, glued to that chair, oh, no look out a gun is opening the door,

that's where i want to live, inside the atomic structure of the very objects we live with

trace the line of smoke from her cigarette to the word . . . blonde and yes, she is using her vag as an ashtray

ladies. . . never date short men

" dear diary, why do all the guys in my life look like shit. . . ?"

read what owners say ? about the atomic plane ? i love pulp art so much better that the real art i see now, the dreamy colors, the smooth lines, the crazy optimistic ideas, was the U.S. government planning on the use of atomized commercial aircraft as future weapons platform delivery systems, WAS, the U.S. government involved directly with the atomic attack on the world trade centers ?

this title really grabs me, then the clocks, and the bubbles, opposed to pyramids and UFOs. . . an eight handed clock, what da. . . ? that's like three days at once, sitting in the Ark

those two guys are so heroic putting those packages into that sexy imported cars, wait, that's the atomic pile, they must have run out of fuel, maybe his partner would like to play ultimate with us, or could they be terrorists loading explosives, or Mexican drug cartel donkeys, or could they be congressmen loading up their gifts, from lobbyists

Mom, are we going to play~?

*voluptuous horror of karen black, my favorite band ever.

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