the samba

today in bus hunting history~ is the title of this forum thread and my favorite place to use my eyes~

there's just something incredible poetic about a picture of a van, rusted to dust parked amongst trees~ icedkoffee gets this photo credit

the word hell means light~ but sitting written fifty years ago in this empty socket in a field is haunting photo credit Lind

they chopped the nose off for a transplant~ Lind

this is an after shot, the before is later, i've switched them can you tell why, i'm drawn to this image ?
credit Lind

i love the photos that look like a tornado has swept passed full of agent orange~ the lifelessness of these tableau, these dioramacally~ perfect settings drags me in~

this jeep had been a van, until some monster chopped it into a jeep or something with a steering wheel in the middle, Everett the Samba guy has the whole story over there, this is his photo

i want to save vans, own Splitties, and scavenge
time capsules full of peoples junk and parts to random things

i love all the shades of green and the proximity of tree, in the wheel wells on the bumper, daring vehicles to move
photo credit Lind
this is what i wish Blownbrown could be, but i don't travel enough or ever see things like this, i need to live in the woods and just drive and get lost and make left turns into dirt roads without name

All photos from the Samba, and Samba members ~thank you very much

this web forum documents their travels, adventures and tales with pictures and stories, before and after shots, the sadness of getting there too late, but you don't need words, i'll show you why i love this site and why they've filled up almost 400 pages of beautiful nostalgic rescue

some one soon should make a documentary about these people

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