my log

i haven't been riding this tanker, lately, not since my back started hurting from carrying it down the beach, this beast must weigh forty pounds

but i love it, sit outside alone and catch waves before they even ripple

a ten footer, four inches thick, hatchet finned, supposed to be an exact replica of a Weber performer '66

floating on glass

one inch Mahogany stringer and triple glue line/ heavy glass job

Hatchet !

Jeff sold this to me years ago~ i sure miss that shop~ when it was under the freeway on eastlake

that lake is cold this time of year~ i can wear my 4/3 but have to use gloves

i wish i was that big again/ i'd paddle that thing across the lake everyday

landlocked NE!L~


  1. Who is that handsome guy riding the surfboard.he is so handsome.pucci.

  2. It looks cold, but I am sure it's great to soar thru the waves. Nothing cold about that. Sorry about the sore back. Take care of it.



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