hypogeum mothership

take a picture of your home before you burn it down or give it to squatters

the long range plan i have mentioned before, of the USA, us being 2/3 's of this acronym~

is. . . to move forward in time with as little change as possible to societies structure and class distinctions, minor superficial development, more middle class trapped in helpless /hopeless situations of fear / fear of losing the house/ the job/ the status of buffer

the non-player with the most to loose / ME !

we are trained to stay home, to keep warm, play games / disconnect from social engagement

money is the space suit used to protect us from the environment of others

stay away from trees and empty lots

sorcery and walking across the street

this is what~ this building has to stare at~ forever

this is what that building has to stare at/ forever

this is what i have to stare at glowing hotel widows /watch old people eat within giant rooms of gold fire. . . toast

i step out of doorways and see this startling~


suspect device

to have a real job

Oxycontin commandos

sniper curtain call

millions pretending to be part of the solution / from museum of future extinctions

the problem is~ partly~ beauty ~ and nipples

gillie suit

a credit score is class war

we have all turned ourselves in~

doomed our children with debt/ disaster and democracy

answered cellphones shrill chirping with explosive teeth

butterfly swastikas

one million homes foreclosed last year and there isn't rioting in the streets

one million human beings in our prison system and there aren't Molotov cocktail twilight

the homeless could live here~ in my favorite doomed building in the world, the concrete mothership waiting for cots and hot coco~ handjobs, heroin and handgrenades

on a cot / staring at the ceiling / pre-cast charm

empty /fenced /persuasive /perfect

is it revolutionary to ask your government to stop spending money on war ?

the kids in black face masks helmets and gas masks don't cut down trees~

they've actually killed people

who sleep in doorways because no one will help them

quit smoking robot's face

everything that should be free~

amateurs can claim it all

the show hawkers bury all the art and all the descent behind the allure of night clubs graphic designed dreams of being within a scene of meaningless noise lights and flash of destructive fucking wow

while the little nameless artist glues things to walls at night with flashlight magic wands

on to the perfectly painted surfaces of things like this~ things i like~ and would also like to see gone~ lived in~ developed~ exploded

breakfast /self imposed curfew /induced drunkenness

everything serious will fail~

dripline token seditionists

private property is slavery to a good career

this is what happens to terrorists who dare block our view/ stand in our way / grow too large

NE!L~ @the door

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