pure pulp 2 now even pulpier

these late sixties super colorful sexy lady pulp novels are just about the greatest, can you imagine how perfect the painting was for this cover~ 1970

1969 necklace bikini dress just too much

look at her shoes ! and tits !

has someone just ordered her to put her hands up or perhaps she has just removed her poncho/cape
"my boobs are this big"
yeah, i can see 'em

what ? a booby trapped flower/orchid revolver~ looks empty

Patty Hearst practices before joining the Symbonese liberation army, he looks frightened though~ you don't see weakness in men on many pulp covers, maybe the girl in black caught him with her underage sister/ girlfriend, or maybe she just pistol whipped that boob out of that soft focus shirt

use all the ". . . 's" we have. . .

now that's a real man, tight pants leather suspenders, smoke, sweater shirt, holding that girls belly fat in, maybe just keeping her out of the pool ~ what's he gonna do shoot the very molecules

and why were ladies bikini bottoms so fluffy back then, did they come with mesh liners too ? or is it all fur ?

shit, i can almost see her butt, stupid red arrow~ for the record i have never been greeted at the door by a girl with a gun and no cloths, i have been greeted by a girl with a gun, but she was fully dressed
i am willing to try it though, if you can shoot my pants off~

has she smothered him with boobs or choked him with blond hair ? is this the soft way or is she talking about his limp penis ?

zombies playing cards, cute, zombies with tiny little shoes

i like the giant floating head that smokes and solves crime while staring at boobs or guys that stare at boobs and guys who take analog pictures of guys holding snuff film actresses' and their boobs

i have eyes you know and some weird ass hairy wrist and blond pillow

is she in the shower or are we in the shower or looking in her window like creepers, and where the hell are the tough guys and guns

cool premise, a hard boiled dick who is constantly cock blocked and stopped from shooting people by the ghost of his dead hooker Mom

three guys in suits/ a bus/ a rippled sand dune/ a girl in black, i'll buy it

what the heck is a dram ? is it the abstract white line drawing on her dress confusing my eye ?

the knock off, giant floating women's head trying to stop those three detectives from looking at her dead bodies beaver


wouldn't it be refreshing if girls never shaved their armpits ?

i really love Author photos~
they always scream CRAZY ! to me

and bloody fingerprints and Booze

what the hell ? that's some back cover

copping out~

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