bucket paint throw up

my son's girlfriend left for the road. . . we miss you already Tosh
traveled to beaches to slack-line 95 footers~
watched the world end. . . with all the beautiful people
i have to tell you. . . i just love street still life
learning to chain-walk
where i walk~ things die
learned the secret recipe for wheat-paste
i'm still getting paid to watch the sunrise
nocturnal missions with revolutionary hero's
who teach me how to silkscreen~ on the braille bible

the artist Drinkwater will get his own article soon and an interview when he returns to the rains
and the ruins of the U10 building
wanted to jump the fence and grab this brick and smash capitalism in the fat face !
everywhere i walk i see Release!
in the category of things of which i covet, but do not buy~ i loved this tree painting~ but for the creepy detail
a fascist Mr. Clean / Micheal Jackson~ and sale breaker
i really appreciated this snow scape and the vast lack of some focal point in that big field~ i would have painted a huge Yeti snow-angel
cute birds are just fucking too cute
throw in some flowers and i want to stab puppies
and sport this hair do~ all day all rave

edible clouds

obsolete objects observed

so much is happening in Whitecenter

natural industrial landscapes
great font/ great machine in simple mid-century banana

as am i ~ NE!L~

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  1. oh man, please tell me you brought that pong upright home. also, why didn't you ask, me and stanley could have given you our wheatpaste recipe


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