some endless spume. . . La Push

spume !

my spaceship moves closer to the water every year
people love to shoot things / everything
yarn-bombers attack

hurricane force winds /sideways rain / hail
young logonauts
within the log

Spume !!!!
spume diver

why they're called fir trees

oh, the things he could possibly see
from the playground you could see the swell breaking outside of James Island, way outside
like fingers about to grab him way from the ocean
he must have dove too hard~ Dashiell told me

it was the annual kayak contest/ but it was much too big for mortals in plastic shells and Vanagons
what i live for~ first light
brushed against the lips of rushing waves

these could never replace / these

this could have been his last camp
check out my foot print~ scale reference
the trees don't need the wheels of the world

and, i almost fucking paddled out
what stopped me ?
NE!L~ away from all the seals

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