everything in the world should come with casters and adjustable lights and be painted bumpy grey
and Mimeographic
i have never heard this machine make sounds but gather it's dusty covers around it's ears
if you wonder where i am at six fifteen in the morning~ hello !
been looking at different parts of the world with differnt parts of my eyes~
a few steps over the rail lines
caught out in the rain
i love the height bounderies of street art, if you have a ladder you have unlimited canvas
for a new Victory !
coping posters from Japan 1960's thanks to Shigeo Fukuda
and bombing the city
but i can't stand the damn Read books propaganda~ i will repeat ~ what if we are wrong about reading and books in general~ burn em' down !
i love this little glue up
art behind fences

White Center cutie
white coffins at night prepare to protest China's destruction of Tibet
i drove passed this gorgeous mess and had to pull over, but was so excited i couldn't take pictures and then a gang of homeless guys talked my ear off and~ this is what the cities like, isolated homeless camps out in the industrial wastes, behind buildings~ kind of hidden
apparently one man created this vortex, the roof was being used as food storage and rat protection which collapsed on him~ where he was trapped for hours beneath four-hundred pounds of canned things
so many interesting things lay in groups and piles and trashy
Occupy the streets~ alone
free ! against the wall~


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