YEARS AGO when i lived in Seattle and Hugo had moved to Paris, we had mailed each other rather frequently. one day a book arrived titled ELVIS WITH CALENDAR by Hugh Joseph James Brown Kathmandu Nepal O'boyle.

here is a small sampling of the art work involved, and why Hugo is one of the greatest artists ever, you should see his painting, the man brings creativity to all he meets and everything he touches, now he's rebuilding seventeenth century farm houses in the country some where in France, i don't have a map. Raising wonderful children and talking to chickens, ponies and geese, good morning hero.

sometime in the nineties, his garage burned down, and thousands and thousands of drawing notebooks and paintings were destroyed. i was there watching it burn when a neighbour poured a bucket of water over my head, maybe he thought i was on fire. i hope someday soon Hugo will rebuild that studio/garage and invite me to a show, so i can learn something about art again.

{warning, this is blog post #89 there will be a special 100th blog party , as soon as i figure out how to have a celebration on a computer screen, look for prizes, give aways, games, and fabulous straight edge festivities}

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