killa kute has been stolen

okay you mugs, start talking, killa kute has been stolen en route to Brooklyn and i'm gonna get it back if i have to kick every punks head in, from Blanches to chic chac over to the Ukrainian national home, all the way to blue and gold, watch out, lollipops, this fruit loop is gonna save some art from dark evil bad guys from outer space museums. Helllllo.
oh my god time travelling art collectors have come to destroy my shitty art to save teenage eye-balls from melting.

until then i'll be sitting at the bar at Montero's on Atlantic ave, sipping a coke. watching the door.

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  1. This might seem unrelated to the stolen goods, Brooklyn, Montero's, or anything else interesting, but *a certain special someone* gifted Crazy Poodle Goddess with the most awesomely Poodliest precious Poodle bible ever written--or photographed. Did it come from the mean people's shop in W. Seattle? Poodle Goddess is in ecstasy with said amazing gift, and means to target the gifter with something incredibly...toothsome as a reward for such heroic bigheartedness...


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