who killed cute?

who killed cute? mt. octopus. & i'd rather be. . .mt. octopus are here and i am pretty excited to introduce to you, a couple of little 16 page coloring books/fanzines available now at my etsy store or directly from here. the beautiful cloud covered, rain soaked face of mount octopus

each fanzine comes with one color crayon, one water proof baggie, and one 16 page coloring book

can be ordered pre-colored for the lazy

part of the manifesto* -condemning the use of cute in art, life, magazine, and dress. these fanzine/colorbooks are pocket sized and trail head friendly, water proof for the Cascadian spring and make believe summer

glove compartment adaptable, wet suit stashable, now you can color while awaiting set waves

who killed cute?
mt. octopus-that's who.
i'd rather be. . . mt octopus

*the death of cute, see archives. all right reserved

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