Etsy could be a bubble

Jim G. sent me this article about desperate unemployed workers opening little stores on line to sell little crappy trinkets, to other equally unemployed earring wearing crafters

and Jesus Christ i actually read the article and it hit me

Ponzi Scheme, completely

these sites only exist to generate more participation at the host site, those selling advertising and consumer information, plus each listing costs almost a quarter, must be renewed, and if you listen to the sage advise of other sellers, the so called experts, you should relist your items every day, like hitting the refresh button, because if you don't your newly listed junk, is buried beneath one million other listings, in a ceaseless flow of product from around the world, millions of pendants, rings, buttons, earrings necklace, plushies, art cards, prints and crafty crap, millions and millions of talented people listing, and renewing constantly~ paying for front page spreads, hearting each other, spamming the crap out of each other with twitter, facebook, convo virus maniacs who spend every waking hour embedded in forums, tackling the problems of why they can't sell plastic puppets to pay the rent, when in reality, this craft uprising isn't about selling jewelry or painted puzzle pieces, this huge vortex is actually about getting more sellers, millions more sellers, and all of these sellers to relist forever, generating huge bank deposits for the few early investors, standing on the shoulders of all the unemployed mom's and hopelessly talented dads frantically taking pictures of the crap they make beautiful so that someone else can make millions of craftless bucks

don't relist~ don't convo me~

and please don't HEART me ~

this is more terrifying than the housing bubble, the ponzie schemes, and all the old time pyramid chain letters to success, because it all seems so benign and graceful, harmless, at 25 cents a pop it turns out to mostly be a cute hobby for people with time on their hands and a real love for things of beauty

and now, i am off to get my ears pierced so i too can buy one million dangly earrings in sapphire and chartreuse
but please support your friends, buy direct and use a phone, or a nice letter filled with cash and hand written words~

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