i found this thing on the side of the road in Seattle, WA. it was painted purple with huge blisters, standing up against a wall~ free
i looked at jake and said, hey, that's a paddleboard, pulled a u-turn and grabbed it~ now we use it as a back porch table

some kook made it out of eight foot sheets of plywood and put the seam right in the middle, where all the flex and weakness is, and used steel/ now rusting nails, instead of brass

the nose~ all de-laminated and smelly

after i used a heat gun to remove all the crappy purple paint, i sanded it all down and tongue oiled it, i think i sealed it too with marine varnish or clear coated a few times, it is not water tight, i should have glassed it, but it's just too damn heavy

i took it down to the lake once and discovered that these things really paddle fast, now, i want to build a light weight version as a stand up paddler
this monster is 12'9"
more~ late

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