A & F Co. longboard

So, i've been trafficking in surfblog addiction for the past few days and these sites are so freaking great, wonderful, colorful, romantic and styled, that i just had to post up some photos~ i feel that i have to give back to a great community

here goes~ this is a new feature titled,

in my quiver

this little beaut sits in my studio all summer and all fall and winter, don't know anything about it
but for the fact that it came from the east coast, USA, somewhere out on Long Island, maybe

hasn't been in the water for decades as far as i know~ we've owned it since 2003

our buddy Nate brought it with him out west, and here it is~

this resin hockey puck could have been added later, we used to have it on the wall with a light behind it.
Does A & F Co. mean anything to anyone out there ? Abercrombie and Fitch ? and old advert, perhaps ?

the reason it hasn't been surfed, this perplexing finbox, i created a fin insert last summer but it failed the lake test~ now i'm building a huge D fin for it or perhaps should this baby have a thin edged knife like rake ? suggestions ?

close up of the chunky fiberglass
{ length 9'6"}
this thing has the greatest rails and the smoothest paddle~ so effortless, lovely double stringer, you should feel it in your arms, sleek like a reptile~ like something alive

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