La Push~ frozen

i lay awake on Sunday morning frozen~ but i didn't want to miss the dawn so i bundled up and crawled out of the van, so cold but so very perfectly brilliantly beautiful, without a single whiff of fuzziness

it's really hard to put on a wet~ frozen 5mill wet suit when the air is 36 degrees

your alone and the waves are pipsqueaks

the girls of dirty south~

Spence !

build huge fires, burn holes in pants shiver and wait for the sun

girl as frozen rocketship

first light flash frozen

i waited in the actual fire for the sun

look at the ocean steaming, that's something you don't see here too often, warm water against cold air !

spent the morning riding the sweetest glass right and lefts, and spent the rest of the day kooking out
i'm like that~
there are no actual pictures of surfing on this blog, because i can't surf and no one else was here
my water camera is broken, there are no surf spots in Washington, nobody surfs, the wind is always on it, it's bumped out, it's broken~ you should go snowboarding

my love~ your love~ we can share

little Dashiell took this picture of me, i was trying to show the steam puring out of my lungs~ fucking cold~ note gloves, down jacket, knit cap, cold

improvised snow shovelling device

we needed daylight fires to get out of the van
i was going to call this post clip on penis, because dash, made this outrageous clay thing like a banana hammock that he hung from his pants, and asked me with complete seriousness, what if we were raindrops ?
that's why i like camping with kids~ they never stop spewing nonsense
this photo finds him asking me questions about invisible marshmallows

{i could deny societies guilty reach}

{i could describe ravens and seagulls eating lunch against life's struggles}

{i could bore you with Latin names}

tiny explorers

like little globby jellies stuck to twigs

we pick things up and thrown them into the waves, throw sticks for dogs and try to find a reason to suit up

we return~

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